Dyson DC25 Impresses Wife and Husband

I was accustomed to a canister vacuum cleaner that I lugged around the home. It was heavy and I notice the weight when I had to go up and down the stairs. It was a chore I did not enjoy. Apart from the weight I had to vacuum bent over and I felt it in my back and neck. I have kids and pets and so whether I wanted to or not I had to vacuum at least every second day.

When the time came for me to replace my heavy canister type I was more than ready to consider something completely different. I couldn’t have chosen anything more different than the Dyson DC25. I was attracted to this model because it is upright and I wouldn’t have to drag around a vacuum cleaner in order to get my floors and carpets clean. The very though made me swoon. I was even more smitten when I felt just how much lighter in weight the Dyson was to my old machine. It would be like lifting a feather up and down the stairs. My back would be saved and I wanted it.

True to macho form my husband wasn’t impressed with convenience. He was accustomed to me being superwoman. He wanted to know about the technology. He was told this Dyson model was unique because it had a roller ball. The vacuum was placed on top of the roller ball and it gave incredible manipulation to the user. This meant the Dyson DC25 could go under low furniture, round corners and take on any angle. My husband was impressed. I knew the next hurdle was cost.

He did think $500 was a lot of money but he did understand he was getting cutting edge technology and quality that would last for years. This meant a saving in the long term and it all made sense to him. I just wanted to do my chores quickly and easily and I did.

Some Great Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners

Keeping your home and especially your floors and carpets clean can be a real chore, especially if you have kids. The best type of carpet cleaners are steam cleaners because they remove dirt, stains, and disinfect without the use of harsh chemicals. The disadvantages of using carpet cleaners that require soap, is that the soap absorbs into the carpet, therefore you have to clean your carpets more often. Steam cleaners can also be used to keep your tile floors and counter-tops clean and disinfected. You can even clean your oven with a hand held cleaner.

There are many great steam cleaners on the market that can make your carpets look like they were professionally cleaned. One excellent one is a Ladybug XL with TANCS. TANCS stands for thermal accelerated nano crystal sanitization. It does sound very complex, but TANCS kills microbes on your floors, so you end up with longer lasting cleaning results. This model is very expensive but could be used to do floors professionally or just in your own home. It also comes with a lot of accessories for a variety of surfaces.

There are steam cleaners that are hand held and won’t cost you as much as a Ladybug. The reliable Enviromate E3 Vapor Steam Cleaner is a lot more affordable and also hand held. It is compact and light weight for smaller jobs and easier storage. It will still kill mold, dust mites, germs, and bacteria throughout your home. The main benefit of this model is that it’s about a fourth of the price of a Ladybug but is just as good for home use.

Another benefit to buying a steam cleaner, is that there are no chemical fumes in the air and they also eliminate allergens. If you have asthma or other lung problems, then buying a steam cleaner could make you much healthier. Steam cleaners clean at such a high temperature that they really decrease the amount of germs and other harmful bacteria on your floors, counter tops, and even in the air. Buying a steam cleaner is an investment, but if you buy a quality steam cleaner then it will last for years and is sure to make your home a more sanitary place to live.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Well-maintained floors add more elegance to your room interiors. But as dust and dirt accumulate, cleaning floors becomes very difficult. You can use floor and carpet cleaning chemicals to effectively get rid of dirt and soil from the floors and carpets.

Keep Your Floors Spotless with Suitable Floor Cleaning Chemicals

Floor cleaning is one of the best means to improve the appearance of your room interiors and to create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. To bring that glossy appearance to your floors, simply cleaning with water will not be effective. You can make your floors completely free from stains and bacteria with the help of certain floor cleaning chemicals. But certain cleaners are not good for some types of floors, as strong chemicals in them might damage the texture of the floors. Therefore, it is important to make a proper choice of products before making a purchase.

Brand-name floor cleaner chemicals are now available from different manufacturers such as Ajax, Franklin Cleaning Technology, WD-40 Company, Procter and Gamble and more.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals for Stain-free Carpets

In order to protect the floors from dust and dirt, spreading carpets on the floors is a commonly practiced method. But later on, carpet cleaning itself becomes a hectic job when tiny dust particles and grease stick on to them and become very hard to remove.

In such situations, you can utilize innovative carpet cleaner chemicals for effectively rinsing off the stains. Oil based stains like grease, lipstick and oils are very hard to remove. Extractor shampoos or stain carpet cleaners can be used for effective results. At times, allergens in the carpets might cause an unpleasant smell to persist in the rooms. To reduce this, you can try out carpet allergen reducers, foam deodorizers or carpet fresheners.

Floor and carpet cleaning chemicals are ideal for keeping your floors and carpets spic and span for a long time. Reliable wholesale dealers or retailers can offer you the best deals.